Can Buyukberber

Can Buyukberber is an independent visual artist & director specializing in digital visual arts, motion graphics design and audio/visual performances. Studied Physics and Visual Communication Design in Istanbul, Turkey. Currently studying at San Francisco Art Institute's Art and Technology MFA program as a Fulbright Grantee and working on immersive experiences using sound, light and space. His works were exhibited in Europe and Northern America including large scale a/v projects at Signal Light Festival (CZ), International Digital Arts Biennial (CAN), IX Immersion Experience Symposium (CAN), Currents New Media Festival (US). He is interested in translating observations and insights on the immanent intelligence of nature, self-organizing systems, formations in time and patterns of the invisible space between the objects into visible, audible, tangible expressions.

From Bits to Atoms
Exhibition SFAI & Residence/SF, San Francisco
May, 2016
Projection on Lasercut Sculpture San Francisco
April, 2016
TOOL - Live Visual Set
Animated Artworks for TOOL San Francisco
October, 2015
A/V Performance with Czech Symphony Rudolfinum Music Auditorium, Prague
September, 2015
A/V Piece for Fulldome Society for Arts and Technology, Montreal
May, 2015
Unfold 01
Projection on Print Prizma Space, Istanbul
March, 2015
Anaglyph 3D A/V Performance Signal Light Festival, Prague
October, 2014
Unifield Series
Higher Dimensional Geometry Experiment
September, 2014
Unfold Series
Digital Sculpture Studies
July, 2014
Quantified Self
Procedural Sculpture
June, 2014
Digital Sculpture
June, 2014
Suspended Animations
Visual Jam Sessions
May, 2014
Eschaton Series
Procedural Drawings
October, 2013
MarmaraPark Opening
Immersive Environment Marmara Park, Istanbul
January, 2013
Audio/Visual Performance International Digital Arts Biennial, Montreal
May, 2012
Legorreta Alive
Audio/Visual Performance Outdoor Vision Festival, New Mexico
April, 2012
Coca-Cola Future-Room
Immersive Environment santralistanbul, Istanbul
December, 2011
8th Circuit
3D Animation
June, 2011
Audio/Visual Installation Shadow Lab, KISD, Cologne
November, 2010
Exhibition Teaser santralistanbul, Istanbul
June, 2010
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