Turkish visual artist & director Can Büyükberber (b. 1987) creates immersive audiovisual experiences that’s embodied in physical and digital spaces. His practice consists of experiments with various media such as virtual/augmented reality, projection mapping, geodesic domes, large-scale displays and digital fabrication. Driven by an interdisciplinary thinking and curiosity which extends to art, design and science, Büyükberber’s work often focuses on human perception, exploring new methods for non-linear narratives, geometrical order, synergetics and emergent forms. Aiming to build captivating and abstract universes, he uses increasingly complex structures which are perceived as a multi-sensorial feeling and turns the conceptual into the experiential, blurring the sense of scale and presence in physical and digital environments.

During 2017, he has received his Master’s Degree in Art & Technology from San Francisco Art Institute as a Fulbright Scholar and he has been selected to Autodesk’s Pier 9 Residency program where he worked at one of the world’s finest workshops. In the same year, his audiovisual works that utilize geodesic domes and virtual reality headsets have toured museums, galleries and media art festivals around the world, including exhibitions and screenings at ZKM, Karlsruhe ;Ars Electronica, Linz; SAT, Montreal; Sonar D+, Barcelona; California Academy of Sciences and Exploratorium in San Francisco; Akbank Sanat, Istanbul; Art Futura, Rome; among others.
In collaboration with San Francisco based studio Obscura Digital, he has art directed large scale projects that is displayed on the ceiling of historic Grand Central Terminal in New York, as well as a 60 feet tall permanent outdoor installation at MGM National Harbor near Washington, DC. which has featured site-specific iterations of selected artworks from his new series “Multiverse”. 
He is currently living in San Francisco, California and working on new VR/AR experiences, AR Artist Research Residency at Adobe and architectural audiovisual installations, also commissioned artwork projects similar to his recent collaboration with Dolby Labs for the Dolby Art Series. 
Exhibitions and Screenings at
ZKM Karlsruhe, Ars Electronica, Exploratorium, Dolby Gallery, CalAcademy, Geneva International Film Festival, Montreal International Mapping Festival, SF Design Week, Sonar+D Barcelona, Mirus Gallery, Autodesk Pier 9, Gray Area Art + Technology,  Art Futura Roma, Luminary Art | Tech | Music, The Midway SF, The Village, Akbank Sanat,  Envision Conference Princeton University, Mira Festival Barcelona, Prague Signal Light Festival, AES 2016, Diego Rivera Gallery, Swell Gallery, SOMArts, VRLA, Upload VR, Currents New Media Festival, Mira Festival Berlin, Symposium IX 2016, SAT, Residence/SF, SFAI Concentrate Festival,  Plugin New Media Section Contemporary Istanbul, Europalia Turkey Brussels, Elektra, BIAN Montreal. 
Personal Interests
Art & Technology, Immersive Environments, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Media Art, Geodesic Domes, Computer Graphics, Interactive Audiovisual Experiences, Digital Fabrication, Embodiment, Emergent Geometry, Synergetics, Nonlinear Narratives, Visual Perception, Physics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Consciousness Research, Space Exploration, Hyper-connectivity.
2015 – 2017
San Francisco Art Institute
Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Art and Technology

2008 – 2012 / High Honors

Istanbul Bilgi University
Bachelor of Arts (BA), Visual Communication Design

2005 – 2008

Istanbul University
2016 - Cadogan Scholarship / Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Awards
2015 - SFAI Fulbright Fellowship 

2015 - Fulbright Scholarship
2008 - Istanbul Bilgi University, Full Tuition Scholarship

JAN 2018 – APR 2018
Adobe Augmented Reality Artist Research Residency, San Francisco, USA

FEB 2017 – JUNE 2017
Autodesk Pier 9 Artist in Residence Program, San Francisco, USA

Luminary, Art | Tech | Music, San Francisco, USA

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JUNE 2016 – SEPTEMBER 2016 / Art Director @Obscura Digital
MAY 2013 – PRESENT / 
Visual Artist & Director @Can Buyukberber

SEP 2015 – DEC 2015 / Teaching Assistant @SFAI
Intro to Art and Technology course by Lasse Scherfigg PhD.


FEB 2011 – MAY 2013 / Senior Art Director @Antilop
SEP 2008 – JAN 2011 / 
Designer @Istanbul Bilgi University
SEP 2006 – JAN 2011 / 
VFX Artist & Motion Designer @Freelance
2017 - Guest Lecturer: California College of Arts, Oakland
2017 - Talk: 01 Salon
,The Midway Gallery, San Francisco
2017 - Talk: SF Content Creators, Adobe Research, San Francisco

2017 - Panel: Roles of Art & Tech. in Shaping Our Environments, SF Design Week, San Francisco
2016 - Talk: Spotlight Discussion Series, Creativity Explored, San Francisco

2016 - Workshop: Virtual Reality, Envision Conference, Princeton University
2016 - Talk: Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, Creative Code Meetup XXIII, San Francisco
2015 - Workshop: Projection Mapping , San Francisco Art Institute, Art and Technology Dept. 
2014 - Talk: Behance Portfolio Review Week Istanbul / Bahcesehir University
2010 - Workshop: Introduction to Motion Graphics Design / Istanbul Bilgi University, VCD 
2009 - Workshop: Introduction to Motion Graphics Design / Istanbul Bilgi University, VCD 
2008 - Workshop: Visual Effects & Compositing / Bahcesehir University, VCD
2018 - Faces[On]Display, Redefining Impossibilities, Adobe Research, SF, USA
2018 -
Morphogenesis, Llum BCN Light Festival, Barcelona, Spain
2018 -
"Sim/Nebula", w/ The Macula & Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague, Czech Republic
2017 - Open Codes: Living in Digital Worlds, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany
2017 - Official Selection, Geneva International Film Festival, Geneva, Switzerland
2017 - Montreal International Mapping Festival, Never Apart, Quebec, Canada
2017 - Field of View Series, Exploratorium, San Francisco, USA
2017 - Moshi II, Microsoft Envision Conference, Orlando, USA

2017 - "Exciting Possibilities" Plugin New Media, Contemporary Istanbul, Turkey
2017 - VR Lab Selection, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
2017 - Vortex 2.0 @ Morrison Planetarium, CalAcademy, San Francisco, USA
2017 - Dolby Art Series, Dolby HQ, San Francisco, USA
2017 - "Morphogenesis", SF Design Week, Pier 27, San Francisco, USA
2017 - "Morphogenesis", Sonar+D 2017, Barcelona, Spain
2017 - "Dimensions" Group Show, Mirus Gallery, San Francisco, USA

2017 - Pier 9 AiR Final Show, Autodesk, San Francisco, USA

2017 - SFAI MFA/MA Graduate Exhibition, The Mint, San Francisco, USA
2017 - "Non Linear Perspectives" Gray Area Art + Technology, San Francisco, USA
2017 - "Digital Creatures" Group Show, Art Futura Roma, Ex Dogana, Rome, Italy
2017 - Luminary Art | Tech | Music, The Midway SF, San Francisco, USA
2016 - "MUSE" The Village, San Francisco, USA

2016 -  “Nonspaces” Akbank Sanat, Istanbul, Turkey

2016 - "Morphogenesis", Envision Conference, Princeton University, Princeton, USA
2016 - "Morphogenesis", Mira Festival, Barcelona, Spain 10.2016
2016 - "Morphogenesis", Signal Festival, Prague, Czech Republic [EXTENDED]
2016 - "Morphogenesis", Kaleidoscope Showcase Vol.01, San Francisco, USA
2016 - "Morphogenesis", AES 2016, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles USA
2016 - "Sub·se·quence" Group Show, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, United States
2016 - "Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Awards Exhibition", SOMArts, SF, United States
2016 - "Morphogenesis", VRLA, Los Angeles Convention Center, United States
2016 - "Art & Virtual Reality" Group Show, Upload VR, San Francisco, United States
2016 - "Morphogenesis", Currents New Media Festival, Santa Fe, United States
2016 - "Morphogenesis", Mira Festival Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2016 - "Morphogenesis", Symposium IX 2016, SAT, Montreal, Canada 
2016 - "From Bits to Atoms", Residence/SF, San Francisco, United States
2016 - "From Bits to Atoms", San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, United States
2015 - "Morphogenesis v.01" SFAI Concentrate Festival, San Francisco, United States
2015 - "e:merge v.02", Plugin New Media Section, Contemporary Istanbul, Turkey 
2015 - "e:merge v.02", Wavelengths, Europalia Turkey, Brussels, Belgium 
2015 - "Sim/Nebula", w/ The Macula & Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague, Czech Republic
2015 - "Solenoid", w/ Ouchhh, IX Immersion Experience Symposium, Montreal, Canada
2015 - "Solenoid", w/ Ouchhh, Elektra 16, Montreal, Canada
2015 - "Unfold 01", Prizma Group Show, Prizma Space, Istanbul, Turkey
2014 - "e:merge", Signal Light Festival, Prague, Czech Republic
2012 - "Epiphaneia", International Digital Arts Biennial, Montreal, Canada
2012 - "Legorreta Alive", SantaFe Art and Design University, New Mexico, United States 
2012 - ''VIII. Circuit'', International Contemporary Art Fair, Budapest, Hungary
2011 - "Track 10", ÇSM, santralistanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2011 - "Shadow Lab", Köln International School of Design, Köln, Germany
2010 - "Track 09", ÇSM, santralistanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
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